1. Jesus said pray this way: Your will be done on earth, as in heaven!

  2. You can advance the Kingdom of God without leaving your job!

  3. Transform your life, your city, your state, nation and even the world!


Step Up Into Your Future

There is amazing potential inside of you, as a believer in Jesus Christ. I want to help you unlock your destiny and help you mature into the treasure that God made you to be!

What is the authentic Gospel of the Kingdom ?



Patricia Garitson, Kingdom Revivalist

My Mission


Giving you practical steps to Kingdom Power and Discovery.

Jeremiah 33:3 "Ask Me, and I will tell you some remarkable secrets."



From the Author

You are empowered by God to accomplish anything and everything portrayed in the life of Jesus Christ that we read in the Scriptures. This is the awesome inheritance of the Christ-follower! If you are in the rut of church traditions or ritualism, without the life of the Spirit, then my new book: "The 7th Passage tothe Eternals"could help you discover the treasures of the Kingdom! Order your copy today!

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Patricia Garitson, Kingdom Revivalist

Unlocking Kingdom Steps for Your Course of Discovery