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Patricia Garitson, Kingdom Revivalist

Unlocking Kingdom Steps for Your Course of Discovery

Jim Wies, Prophet/Teacher, Author: "The Advancing Kingdom," "Distinctives of the New Covenant Prophet" & "His Glorious House"

This book gives an unusual peek into a realm of Kingdom living that can be, and should be, every believer's experience. I enjoyed reading it. Just chapter three alone is worth the price of the book. You will discover herein, that Pastor/Prophetess Patricia Garitson has unusual but very needed insight for the future of the Body of Christ.

Patricia Lee Garitson, Author, Pastor

Patricia is a prophetic teacher who brings fresh revelation of the current word of the Lord being declared to the Body of Christ. Called to the ministry in 1983, Patricia began her spiritual walk at Youth with a Mission, completing her outreach into Japan. She opened, and directed for five years, the "Healing Rooms of Sedona", to fulfill the mandate to "go into all the world and bring healing to the nations." She has initiated and organized several evangelistic/prophetic outreaches during her 32 years in Sedona. Patricia established the "Sedona International School of Ministry" Bible College and moves powerfully as a seer to the Body of Christ. She carries the Word of God, to speak what God is currently saying to His Bride from the secret place of His Presence. Her mandate is to  wake up the Body of Christ to possess and embrace the fullness of Jesus as Lord by understanding the Gospel of the Kingdom provided through the Better New Covenant inaugurated by Jesus Christ.

Stan Newton, Author/Missionary: "Glorious Kingdom" & "Glorious Covenant"

Patricia Lee Garitson in writing the 7th Passage to the Eternals provides a necessary book for the developing Victorious Kingdom Eschatology-Better Covenant movement. The first generation books focused on the theology of the Kingdom. Now we have a book dealing with our Kingdom lifestyle; which is supernatural.Reading this excellent book will encourage you to walk in 'Kingdom Rule' and 'Royal Kingly Anointing.'  This is not the "charismatic fluff" we are accustomed to, but valid Kingdom experiences built upon a solid understanding of Scripture. I recommend this book by an author who writes about what she knows and experienced. Do yourself a favor and add the 7th Passage to the Eternal to your list of must have books.          

Joan Hunter, Evangelist, Author, "Healing the Whole Man"

In these days the church age is being replaced by the Kingdom,and God is releasing fresh revelation to His people concerning His rule and reign as the King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords.  Patricia Lee Garitson in her book, "The 7th Passage to the Eternals", gives believers a set of guidelines to help them enter into the fullness of their identity as sons of God, in the Kingdom of God.  Learn all you can from this book, give yourself to the pursuit of God and enter into the fullness of your Kingdom calling.

Dr. Steve Bush, Taking Care of People International

My good friend Patricia Garitson has written an awesome book, "The 7th Passage to the Eternals." This book will be life changing for those who read it. This powerful woman of God has a great understanding of the power of God with signs and wonders.  I love the book.